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Soraa Lamps

Soraa PAR 30 | Long neck | 230V

  • Ideal LED alternative to 100W high power tungsten lamps
  • May be used in enclosed fixtures thanks to thermal sensing electronics
  • Dimmable with leading edge and trailing edge dimmers
  • 9° lamp may use Snap System lenses for tailored lighting output and distribution
  • High quality precise optics
  • Available in 9° narrow spot which accepts the Large Snap System lenses
  • 25° and 36° optics also available (see product list below)
  • High efficacy , up to 57Lm/W for Vivid range and 69 Lm/W for Brilliant range
  • We tend to stock the Vivid range but Brilliant range (CRI85) is available to order where absolute light output is preferred to best in class color rendering

Vivid 3 | 18W PAR30 long | 230V

Power (watts)Beam angleColour tempLight outputSpec sheet
SP30LW-18-09D-927-03-S318.5W2700°K930 lm
SP30LW-18-25D-927-03-S318.5W25°2700°K930 lm
SP30LW-18-36D-927-03-S318.5W36°2700°K930 lm
SP30LW-18-09D-930-03-S318.5W3000°K1000 lm
SP30LW-18-25D-930-03-S318.5W25°3000°K1000 lm
SP30LW-18-36D-930-03-S318.5W36°3000°K1000 lm