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Soraa Lamps

Soraa AR111 | 12V

  • High output LED AR111 lamp with narrow beam and anti-glare design.
  • 8° and 9° lamps can be modified with Snap System light shaping and colour adjustment lenses.
  • May be used with enclosed and fixtures with front glass cover.
  • Super narrow 4° option
  • 6W (for 4°, 12.5W and 18.5W power options.
  • Dimmable with suitable power supplies.
  • 2700K, 3000K and 4000K colour temperature
  • Super precise lenses with a range of angles

Vivid AR111 | 18.5W | 12V

Power (watts)Beam angleColour tempLight outputSpec sheet
SR111-18-09D-927-03-S318.5W2700°K930 lm
SR111-18-25D-927-03-S318.5W25°2700°K930 lm
SR111-18-36D-927-03-S318.5W36°2700°K930 lm
SR111-18-09D-930-03-S318.5W3000°K1000 lm
SR111-18-25D-930-03-S318.5W25°3000°K1000 lm
SR111-18-36D-930-03-S318.5W36°3000°K1000 lm
SR111-18-09D-940-03-S318.5W4000°K1040 lm
SR111-18-25D-940-03-S318.5W25°4000°K1040 lm
SR111-18-36D-940-03-S318.5W36°4000°K1040 lm

Vivid AR111 | 12.5W | 12V

Power (watts)Beam angleColour tempLight outputSpec sheet
SR111-12-08D-927-03-S312.5W2700°K575 lm
SR111-12-25D-927-03-S312.5W25°2700°K575 lm
SR111-12-36D-927-03-S312.5W36°2700°K575 lm
SR111-12-08D-930-03-S312.5W3000°K620 lm
SR111-12-25D-930-03-S312.5W25°3000°K620 lm
SR111-12-36D-930-03-S312W36°3000°K620 lm
SR111-12-08D-940-03-S312.5W4000°K645 lm
SR111-12-25D-940-03-S312.5W25°4000°K645 lm
SR111-12-36D-940-03-S312.5W36°4000°K645 lm

Vivid AR111 | 6W | 12V

Power (watts)Beam angleColour tempLight outputSpec sheet
SR111-06-04D-927-03-S36W2700°K275 lm
SR111-06-04D-930-03-S36W3000°K300 lm