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Soraa Lamps

Soraa MR16 | 300mA | Constant Current

  • MR16 lamp designed for use exclusively with individual 300mA constant current drivers.
  • Fabulous dimming capabilities.
  • Brighter than 12V version.
  • Available in Vivid version only.
  • 2700K, 3000K, 4000K colour temperature options.
  • Suitable for individual spot or downlights with independant drivers.
  • Wide range of drivers for phase, 0-10V or DALI dimming.
  • Very low and stable dimming with suitable drivers.
  • 485-580 lumen output.
  • Not suitable for fixtures with restricted airflow unless power reduced.

Vivid 3 | Constant Current

Power (watts)Beam angleColour tempLight outputSpec sheet
SM16C-CC1-10D-927-03-S3W10°2700°K485 lm
SM16C-CC1-25D-927-03-S3W25°2700°K515 lm
SM16C-CC1-36D-927-03-S3W36°2700°K515 lm
SM16C-CC1-10D-930-03-S3W10°3000°K525 lm
SM16C-CC1-25D-930-03-S3W25°3000°K550 lm
SM16C-CC1-36D-930-03-S3W36°3000°K550 lm
SM16C-CC1-10D-940-03-S3W10°4000°K550 lm
SM16C-CC1-25D-940-03-S3W25°4000°K580 lm
SM16C-CC1-36D-940-03-S3W36°4000°K580 lm