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Soraa Lamps

Soraa MR16 | 230V

  • Thanks to GaN-on-GaN tiny LED, these are the first LED lamps of this form to feature a narrow beam, previously unavailable in the halogen forerunner.
  • Vivid range has full colour spectrum and outstanding Red rendition.
  • Brilliant range (CRI 85) has high output and intensity.
  • Both ranges have precise single emitter beams and clean whites.
  • Dimmable with trailing edge dimmers.
  • Standard GU10 form factor, IEC compliant for maximum fixture compatibility.
  • 9W or 7W options (7W for enclosed fixtures).
  • Suitable for damp locations.
  • 10°(7W), 25°, 36° and 60° beams.

Vivid 3 | 7.5W | 230V

Power (watts)Beam angleColour tempLight outputSpec sheet
SM16GW-07-10D-927-03-S37.5W10°2700°K390 lm
SM16GW-07-25D-927-03-S37.5W25°2700°K410 lm
SM16GW-07-36D-927-03-S37.5W36°2700°K410 lm
SM16GW-07-60D-927-03-S37.5W60°2700°K420 lm
SM16GW-07-10D-930-03-S37.5W10°3000°K410 lm
SM16GW-07-25D-930-03-S37.5W25°3000°K435 lm
SM16GW-07-36D-930-03-S37.5W36°3000°K435 lm
SM16GW-07-10D-940-03-S37.5W10°4000°K430 lm
SM16GW-07-36D-940-03-S37.5W36°4000°K455 lm
SM16GW-07-10D-950-03-S37.5W10°5000°K430 lm
SM16GW-07-36D-950-03-S37.5W36°5000°K455 lm

Vivid 3 | 9W | 230V

Power (watts)Beam angleColour tempLight outputSpec sheet
SW16GW-09-25D-927-03-S39.5W25°2700°K465 lm
SW16GW-09-36D-927-03-S39.5W36°2700°K465 lm
SW16GW-09-60D-927-03-S39.5W60°2700°K465 lm
SW16GW-09-25D-930-03-S39.5W25°3000°K490 lm
SW16GW-09-36D-930-03-S39.5W36°3000°K490 lm
SW16GW-09-60D-930-03-S39.5W60°3000°K490 lm

Brilliant 3 | 7.5W | 230V

Power (watts)Beam angleColour tempLight outputSpec sheet
SM16GW-07-10D-827-03-S37.5W10°2700°K475 lm
SM16GW-07-25D-827-03-S37.5W25°2700°K500 lm
SM16GW-07-36D-827-03-S37.5W36°2700°K500 lm
SM16GW-07-10D-830-03-S37.5W10°3000°K500 lm
SM16GW-07-25D-830-03-S37.5W25°3000°K525 lm
SM16GW-07-36D-830-03-S37.5W36°3000°K525 lm

Brilliant 3 | 9W | 230V

Power (watts)Beam angleColour tempLight outputSpec sheet
SM16GW-09-25D-827-03-S39.5W25°2700°K560 lm
SM16GW-09-36D-827-03-S39.5W36°2700°K560 lm
SM16GW-09-25D-830-03-S39.5W25°3000°K590 lm
SM16GW-09-36D-830-03-S39.5W36°3000°K590 lm